Why Gibby Andry

Someone is careless or negligent. Someone else suffers a crippling personal injury or accident. It might be you or a loved one. It might be your friend. It might be your client. The personal consequences are tragic. The financial effects are devastating. Justice demands compensation.

Gibby Andry and The Andry Law Firm bring an unwavering professional and personal commitment to this critical area of legal practice. Their one focus is to establish a secure financial future for those whose lives have been shattered through no fault of their own.

Gibby Andry works his cases personally from start to finish. Gibby has represented clients with personal injuries and accidents ranging from brain damage to amputations to severe burns. His experience, insight and aggressive advocacy have produced life-enhancing awards and settlements for twenty years.

When someone else’s negligence causes a crippling injury, you need strong, effective legal representation. You need an attorney who is sensitive to your suffering and resolved to pursue tenaciously the justice you deserve. You need Gibby Andry.