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Louisiana’s Severe Auto Accident Lawyer

The long-term financial costs of a severe or catastrophic car accident can be significant when lost wages and the enormous cost of medical bills – physical therapy, reconstructive surgery, etc. – are taken into account. At the law office of Gibby Andry, we work with medical economists and life care planners who accurately quantify the full financial impact of a car accident on catastrophic injury victims and their families. Since most insurers try to reduce the amount of money they pay in claims, we also prepare our cases with input from medical experts who can verify the scope and nature of our client’s injuries.

If another person’s negligent driving or road rage has caused your serious injuries, an experienced car accident attorney will promptly investigate the crash and quickly determine whether the insurance companies are offering you a fair deal.

Aggressive Representation in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accident attorney Gibby Andry works exclusively in personal injury law, serving New Orleans and the surrounding parishes. With 20 years of experience, Gibby Andry has achieved large settlements and verdicts for victims.

Our firm will faithfully protect your rights in catastrophic cases involving:

  • Car accident (intersection crash, rear-end collision, head-on, or rollover)
  • Pedestrian or bicyclist struck by cars
  • Trucking accident (involving a tractor trailer or other commercial truck)
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Boating accident (powerboat, personal watercraft, fishing boat, etc.)

Contact an Attorney Immediately after a Severe Car Accident

Gibby Andry’s knowledge of the technical aspects of accidents helps prove liability to an insurance company or a jury. If you wait too long to bring a claim, you could lose many rights.

Most cases result in a fair settlement if handled by a capable car accident lawyer who is prepared to take your case to court. Gibby Andry is an accomplished civil trial attorney who can confidently litigate your claim if the insurance company will not cover all of your losses.

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Gibby Andry’s office is available 24 hours a day to take calls from clients and Gibby Andry personally handles your case. We offer free consultations. Contact our New Orleans, LA office at (504) 522-1000 or (855) 88-GIBBY to discuss your severe car accident or fatal accident claim.