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Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in New Orleans, LA

Animal attacks and dog bites can be very frightening and considering the emotional pain and physical scarring, the injuries could last a lifetime. According to the Centers for Disease Control, children are most at risk, followed by male adults, and those households with two or more dogs are five times more likely to have someone injured from a dog bite. The Law Office of Gibby Andry has experience handling dog bite and animal attack cases and in establishing negligence on the part of the pet owner.

Protect Your Family

You can help to protect your family from dog bites by spaying or neutering your dog. This helps to reduce aggressive tendencies. Also, remember to never leave infants or young children alone with a dog. Aggressive play, like wrestling, with your dog may lead to aggression when you least expect it. Instead, train your dog properly by teaching submissive behaviors. If your dog does develop aggressive tendencies, seek the help of your veterinarian immediately.

Experience Counts

If you or your loved one has been bitten by a dog or attacked by an animal, the injuries are likely to require extended medical treatment, possibly including reconstructive surgery and physical therapy. Depending upon the severity of the injuries, you may not be able to work while you are recovering. An experienced attorney can help you to recover your medical expenses, lost wages and future losses. At the Law Office of Gibby Andry, we have the experience, the resources and the commitment to fight on your behalf to prove negligence on the part of the pet owner and to get you and your family the compensation you deserve.

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