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An amputation or loss of limb refers to the loss of a body part as the result of an accident or injury. The amputation may be considered major or minor and may be a complete or partial loss. A loss of limb can occur as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile or truck accident, accidents in the workplace, from the use of power tools, or from accidents in a factory or on a farm. If you or a loved one has suffered a loss of limb or amputation as the result of an accident involving someone’s negligence or carelessness, contact an experienced attorney immediately. The Law Firm of Gibby Andry is experienced in handling cases involving this type of injury.

Types of Loss

An amputation is considered complete if the body part is totally severed. The body part may be reattached, especially if proper care of the detached limb is taken. A partial amputation means there remains a soft tissue connection. However, just because the body part is not completely severed does not mean that it will be able to be reattached. The severity of the injury will determine if reattachment is a possibility. A major amputation refers to the removal of an entire limb or perhaps, for example, the leg below the knee. Minor amputations involve only a part of the limb or, for example, one finger on the hand or a toe on the foot.

Amputations and Loss of Limb Involve Long Term Care and Support

In addition to the trauma of losing a limb, there are many complications associated with this type of injury. Excessive bleeding, shock, infection are serious concerns. The care and management as well as rehabilitation are crucial. There have been many new developments in this area of medicine, including new surgical techniques and new prosthetic designs. A better understanding of the care and management required for amputees has also improved their long term outcome. However, there are still areas which need real improvement like the success rate of replantation surgeries and advances in the area of complete nerve regeneration.

Experienced Legal Counsel

If you or a loved one has suffered an amputation or loss of limb, you will need an experienced attorney who will work hard to get compensation you deserve for your long term care. Contact the Law Firm of Gibby Andry today. Gibby Andry has the experience, the resources, the skill and the commitment you will need. Our New Orleans law firm’s reputation for successful outcomes is well known. Please visit our Case Studies page for specific examples of cases we have handled and the compensation we obtained for our injured clients.

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