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The Power of Preparedness

Cases arising from crippling injury can be as complex as they are critical. An attorney who makes them his focus must be a meticulously prepared, aggressive advocate. It’s not a career path for every lawyer. For the right lawyer, it offers the satisfaction of obtaining justice for those who need it most.

Gibby Andry builds his cases on the insights of a legal scholar and the experience of a proven litigator. He draws on the resources of his team and the 21st century technology they command. He conducts in-depth interviews, depositions and thorough research of applicable law, focus groups and mock trials.

Having addressed every point of contention, Gibby presents opposing attorneys a brochure that establishes the facts and fault and indicates the likely monetary judgment should they elect to go to trial. They can settle or fight. They can pay now or pay later. But they know Gibby Andry will be ready. And they have his record of seven, eight and nine figure verdicts and settlements to consider.