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Experienced, Focused and Prepared

Nothing affects a person, a family or a circle of support more profoundly than a crippling injury. It is sudden, devastating, ongoing and forever. Someone’s carelessness or negligence—in the workplace, in a public place, anywhere—ends in tragedy. And it’s only the beginning. After the worst, the financial shockwaves threaten to destroy your future.

Gibby Andry and his firm are committed to securing financial compensation for the life-altering effects of the most severe injuries, from amputation to third-degree burns. Gibby has carried the fight successfully against major insurance firms and their attorneys, whose only motivation is to limit their losses. The greater the injury, the harder they resist.

Experienced, focused and prepared, Gibby Andry constructs and presents a case that makes truth undeniable and the way to justice clear for his clients, referring attorneys, as well as the culpable parties one way or the other. In the fight to make it right, Gibby Andry is relentless—and effective.